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Posted on September 22, 2017
BELLINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS JOB DESCRIPTION LICENSED NURSE (LPN)(RN) JOB SUMMARY Positions in this category perform specific medical and/or health related procedures outlined in a student's health plan at assigned work sites, under the direction and supervision of a certified registered school nurse (RN). May perform additional health related and/or academic support duties for designated student(s). Incumbents promote positive public relations for health services and for Bellingham Public Schools. ________________________________________________________________________________ DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary in consultation with the employee(s) involved. 1. Perform specific medical and/or health related procedures outlined in student health care plans under the direction and supervision of a certified registered school nurse. Participate in specialized training for specific medical and/or health-related procedures as provided by district and/or external LHCP (licensed health care provider) staff. 2. Confer with the supervisor, site administrator, and the certified registered school nurse on student needs, school and District policies, and appropriate medical and/or health related procedures. 3. Assess student medical and/or health needs; provide specific feedback on student response to health care measures and procedures; monitor and administer student medication as directed by LHCP orders. 4. Perform a variety of support functions that include performance of clerical and record-keeping tasks; maintain all assignment-related data in compliance with District, State, and Federal guidelines; develop appropriate program materials as directed; maintain, monitor, operate and distribute student health care equipment and materials; maintain an inventory of health care supplies and equipment. 5. Assist students through the implementation of specific instructional programs and activities as determined by the administrator and certificated staff; assist with appropriate health and personal hygiene needs; may be required to understand, implement and/or comply with therapy plans or medical procedures developed by OT, PT, certified school nurse and SLP staff. 6. May lift, transfer, and/or transport students as directed and when appropriate; may be required to travel with student on district vehicles to and from school and on field trips and on public transit system. 7. May need to manage students in crisis by using de-escalation techniques outlined in school district training; assist in identifying and reporting specific triggers that lead to emergence or escalation of a student's behavioral actions and special needs; report serious violations of school policies and codes to certificated and administrative staff. 8. Attend and participate in required meetings and case conferences as requested by certificated staff; maintain communication with all staff providing instruction and special services to assigned students with health issues; work closely with IEP staff as directed, participate in professional training programs that are required by the health plan, 504 Plan or IEP, or the supervisor deems necessary for this assignment. 9. Provide a variety of individual or small group activities as directed; work collaboratively with certificated and other school staff as part of a professional team. 10. Perform related duties consistent with the job description and employee assignment. _________________________________________________________________ REPORTING RELATIONSHIP Reports to the site administrator or designee and works under the direction and supervision of the certified school nurse (RN) and within the scope of practice of an LPN or RN. _________________________________________________________________ WORKING CONDITIONS Work is regularly performed in conditions that expose employees to students' personal hygiene habits, blood-borne pathogens, bodily waste, and infectious diseases. Employees must have the physical capacity to lift and/or transport students that weigh more than 50 pounds in and out of wheel chairs, chairs, beds, and other equipment; be able to safely hold or restrain students in emotionally charged situations; and physically move equipment and supplies from site to site. _________________________________________________________________ MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Education and Experience High school diploma and a minimum of two (2) years of post-secondary preparation or specialized training in subject matter related to working with students with health impairments and a variety of disabilities that interfere with student learning; Must have a current Washington State Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Washington State Registered Nurse (RN) license. Allowable Substitution Specialized training or equivalent work experience can substitute on a month-for-month basis for the post-secondary preparation if the training and/or experience are directly related to the job responsibilities of the specific assignment. The LPN or RN license cannot be substituted. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Knowledge of medical procedures; knowledge of District, State and Federal regulations regarding student health records; knowledge of child development and children's health issues; knowledge related to working with children with a variety of disabilities; knowledge of the elements of effective instruction to support teaching and learning; ability to interact with children in a patient, warm and confident manner; ability to safely and correctly implement medical, instructional or therapeutic programs developed by certificated staff; ability to work effectively as a member of a professional team; ability to exercise independent judgment, remain flexible, and work effectively under pressure; ability to de-escalate volatile situations; ability to support physical management of students in crisis according to school district training and procedures; ability to explain student needs to Special Education and General Education staff; ability to perform clerical tasks, keep student records, and prepare reports using computerized systems; ability to maintain confidential information; ability to work with students and families of varied backgrounds to assist students with a wide range of needs, skills and behaviors; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, staff, administrators, agencies, and the public. Licenses/Special Requirements First Aid, CPR (including pediatric CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and Right Response training is required of applicants or completion upon hire. Employees must have reliable transportation and a valid Washington State Driver's License. May be deployed in different sites based on student needs. May be required to travel with student to/from school and/or on field trips and community learning situations.