Principal (K-12)

Lummi Indian Business Council
Bellingham, WA Full-time
Posted on July 3, 2019



JOB TITLE:  Principal (K-12)

OPEN:  July 1, 2019                                                             

CLOSES: July 10, 2019

EXEMPT:  No                                                                     

SALARY:  $50.47 to $56.52 per hour DOE                        

SHIFT:  Day                                                                         

LOCATION:   Lummi Nation School                                 

DURATION: Regular Full Time – 12 month Contract        



JOB SUMMARY: Lummi Nation School and Lummi Nation High School are both a Washington State Tribal Education Compact School – treated similarly to that of the 292 state public school districts for purposes of administration and a federal Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) contract school governed by the Lummi Indian Business Council.


ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, and other related duties as assigned.


  1. Serve as K-12 Principal reporting to the Education Director and is responsible for the administration and safety of the schools in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the BIE and the policies adopted by the Lummi Nation Education Board (LNEB)
  2. Direct supervision of all K-12 staff; certificated; classified; School Facilities Operations/Maintenance (O&M); Athletic Department; overall staffing; supervision; assignment and evaluation of all employees
  3. Establish a vision and mission for the schools in collaboration with Lummi Education Director, the Lummi Nation Education Board (LNEB), members, and stakeholders.
  4. Formulate and recommend to the LNEB for evaluation and approval, the long- and short-range objectives for all aspects of LNS/LNHS operations
  5. Work closely with the Vice-Principal, Special Education Director and Student Support Director to enforce district discipline guidelines, using applied research, and best practices.
  6. Work closely with LNEB and Curriculum Director with curriculum development, evaluation implementation, assessment schedules, and school-wide data reporting.
  7. Create an environment and provides leadership for the development and implementation of long- and short-range plans for achieving school initiatives with State, BIE, district and Tribal goals.
  8. Provide the Education Director and Lummi Nation Education Board (LNEB) with reports, information and guidance which will enable the School Board to make appropriate decisions in the operation of the district.
  9. Work closely with the Education Director, Office of the Reservation Attorney and LNEB in areas needing policy development, student discipline, mediations and vendor contracts.
  10. Interpret, implement and administer district policies, either personally or by delegation to the appropriate staff, and/or parent and community groups.
  11. Provide educational leadership for the involvement of staff in the continuous development, implementation, evaluation and revision of the instructional program to comply with the goals and objectives of the community, State and BIE requirements.
  12. Work closely with the Curriculum Director on policies and procedures related to evaluation and selection of instructional materials in accordance with legal requirements and sound educational best practices.
  13. Supervise and coordinate the implementation of curriculum, instructional methods, instructional materials, instructional support and staff development programs of the district.
  14. Work closely with LIBC Human Resource Department on recruitment, evaluation and employment qualified personnel as required by State Law and BIE rules and regulations.
  15. Maintain good working relationships with staff and maintains open lines of communication with employees, organizations, parents and community members; act as a liaison between the school and community.
  16. Maintain membership and participates in activities of appropriate professional organizations; attends conferences, workshops and professional development seminars in order to stay current with WAC, RCW and BIE rules and regulations.
  17. Develop and manage policies and establish safety procedures for public use of school buildings, facilities and equipment; ensuring building is safe and secure.
  18. Responsible for overall operation and maintenance of school facilities and transportation units within established policies and facility plans; work closely with Operation & Maintenance Director.
  19. Work collaboratively with the administration team and finance to prepare an annual school budget.
  20. Administer and manage the educational school system within the district approved budget limits and in accordance with LIBC procurement policy, State Laws and Education Code.
  21. Assist the Education Director and LNEB with establishing and maintaining a communication system which informs the community about district goals, objectives and accomplishments in relation to those objectives
  22. Utilize parents, LIBC partners and community resources to assist in furthering educational objectives.
  23. Participate in community affairs and school-related events in both school and non-school activities; maintains visibility and accessibility when on campus
  24. Structure, create, implement and monitor parent involvement plans as required by the State, BIE and LNEB policy.
  25. Communicate through the proper channels to keep the Education Director and LNEB informed of impending problems, needs, or events of unusual nature.
  26. Develop and implement student policies according to state and federal guidelines; such as, instruction, promotion, retention, guidance, health services, record, enrollment, attendance, gifted, special needs and discipline.
  27. Keep current in educational issues with an awareness of research, reform, technology, curriculum, instruction and assessment methods.
  28. Participate in State and Federal management meetings and activities appropriate for professional development, school improvement, instructional practices, laws and best practice.
  29. Delegate’s responsibilities to appropriate staff members and monitor and evaluate follow through.
  30. May have responsibility for other assignments as directed by Educator Director.



  • MA in Educational Leadership
  • Washington State Certification in P-12 School Principal certification
  • 2.5 years work experience as a classroom teacher
  • 3 years of work experience working within the Lummi Community with high-risk youth and families in supplying community support services/referrals, preferred
  • Possess a valid Washington State Driver’s license and meet eligibility requirements for tribal insurance.
  • Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies.



  • Be a self-motivated individual with enthusiasm for and commitment to life-long learning
  • Ability to coordinate projects and tasks closely with supervisor and follow prioritized task lists as well as manage multiple assignments simultaneously
  • Ability to delegate tasks while monitoring timelines and outcomes
  • Ability to use complex problem-solving skills to creatively and successfully solve problems using shared decision-making strategies and participatory management.
  • Possess have interpersonal, supervisory and management experience.
  • Possess effective communication, personnel organizational skills relevant to maintaining effective departmental relations.
  • Knowledge of and experience with state and federal compliance requirements pertinent to educational institutions and reporting requirements. 
  • Ability to make effective oral presentations and respond to questions.
  • Be an instructionally sound leader who is aware of the use of the current educational research, reform, curriculum and programs and demonstrates ability to facilitate implementation.
  • Knowledge of technology and Washington State Educational Reform.
  • Ability to work with students with a variety of educational abilities, backgrounds, skills and cultures.
  • Be a team leader who can develop personal rapport by possessing qualities such as a positive attitude, good listening skills, sense of humor, courtesy, tact, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm and high standards of professionalism.
  • Be a well-organized individual with the ability to make high-quality decisions and set priorities.
  • Knowledge and experience of behavior management strategies and conflict resolution skills.
  • Knowledge and experience in program evaluation and employee evaluation and goal setting.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of administration, supervision and applicable sections of the State Education code, BIE and Tribal laws.
  • Ability to schedule, organizes, motivate and supervise employees to assure timely and effective completion of assignments.
  • Knowledge/familiarity with current laws and practices regarding special needs students.
  • Knowledge and understanding of funding sources and school finance; grant writing experience required and ability to administer District budget and finances.
  • Ability to write speeches and articles for publication.
  • Ability to effectively present information to top management, public groups and/or LNEB.
  • Ability to speak on demand to a large group of people.
  • Ability to effectively respond to common inquiries or complaints from parents, community members and/or staff.
  • Ability to define problems, collects data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.



  • Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.
  • This position requires regular contact with or Control over Indian Children and is therefore subject to an extensive Criminal Background Check and CAMIS Check with Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of investigation Fingerprint Clearance.
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship.
  • Obtain a CPR, First Aid and Mandatory Reporting certification and participate in annual CPR/First Aid training.



  • All elements of this job description apply.
  • Academic School Year (12 month Contract).
  • Salary depends on qualifications.
  • 90 Day Probationary Evaluation Period Applies.



TO APPLY: (LIBC Application required)


To obtain a Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) application go to:  or request by e-mail  For more information contact the HR front desk (360) 312-2023.  Submit LIBC application, cover letter, resume & reference letters no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date listed above.  If listing degrees or certifications include copies.  Mailing Address: 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA 98226.  Human Resource Fax number: 360-380-6991.