Operations Manager - College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA Full-time
Posted on May 25, 2019

In the role of Operations Manager, you will serve as the College administrator and key resource advisor to the Dean and to the 14 departments and two interdisciplinary programs that comprise the College. You are central to the functioning of the College and will work independently within general guidelines to manage the resources and ongoing activities of the College; provide information, analyses, counsel, and recommendations on problems and opportunities; represent the College and participate in meetings as a resource person; and act as a liaison between the Dean's office and departments and other University administrative offices. Commitment to nurturing a professional, friendly, inclusive, welcoming, and cooperative environment with a variety and highly diverse set of staff, faculty, students, visitors and members of the university and the broader community is essential. You will be expected to begin in mid-August.

Typical duties include:

- Provide direct, confidential advisement to the Dean on all matters related to College activities.

- Act as College representative and liaison on behalf of Dean's office to CHSS department chairs, staff, faculty and other University administrative offices.

- Communicate and coordinate essential administrative functions and directives from other administrative entities including the President's office, the Provost and Academic Affairs, Academic Budget and Administration, Human Resources, the Budget Office, Extended Education, and Business and Financial Affairs.

- Participate in and provide advisement to the Dean on broad long- and short-term budget planning, forecasting, and monitoring for the College.

- Manage and monitor College resources to ensure that College funds are utilized effectively, expenditures are controlled and resources are allocated appropriately by regularly reviewing status of budgets, interacting with chairs and other administrators, reconciling fiscal commitments, approving expenditures and transfers (budget authority), and reviewing changes in base budgets.

- Provide regular and special reports, analyses, and plans reflecting academic and budgetary activities including salaries, benefits, FTE, travel, grants, leaves, and evaluations.

- Serve as consultant to College staff and faculty for College and University requirements, procedures and workplace operations.

- Edit, draft, and write documents and correspondences on behalf of Dean and College.

- Hire, supervise and train College staff; conduct annual evaluations; provide leadership and training; monitor staff roles and responsibilities to keep them current and equitable; initiate position reviews; approve payroll. Make recommendations for organizational and individual training.

- Develop, coordinate, and provide training to department managers. While this position does not directly supervise College department managers, it interprets, communicates and administers directives, policies, and procedures regarding a broad range of activities such as hiring, travel, sensitive and confidential personnel matters, and technical changes and advancements mandated or implemented by the University.

- Monitor and maintain procedures and rotations for faculty reviews and evaluations and for chair evaluations and appointments.